Engagement Session: Sam + Rob

August 2, 2023 by Colin Gordon


Sam and Rob’s engagement session took place in their lovely home, where I had the pleasure of photographing them as they made chocolate chip cookies together. The sweetness of their bond was evident as they playfully mixed the ingredients and shared tender glances.

After the cookie baking session, we headed to Elevator Alley in Buffalo, NY, a unique viewpoint overlooking grain elevators along the Buffalo River. The industrial setting provided an interesting backdrop for their photos, adding a touch of urban charm to the shoot.

Against the towering structures, Sam and Rob’s love shone brightly, and I captured candid moments of their laughter and affection. The setting sun painted a warm glow over the scene, adding to the overall ambiance.

It was a heartwarming engagement session, capturing the couple’s genuine connection and the beauty of their everyday moments. I’m looking forward to documenting their wedding day, where I’m certain their love will continue to shine through in every shot.